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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Crème Simon

Crème Simon

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Founded by visionary apothecary Joseph Simon in 1860, the multi-award winning French skin care Crème Simon has been inspiring women to enjoy natural beauty rituals through its humanist and holistic lifestyle approach to skin care. Crème Simon remains faithful to its unwavering commitment of providing only meaningful and safe skin care products and nutritional advisory programs with proven botanical efficacy.



The delicate process of extracting and infusing only the purest and most powerful properties of carefully selected flowers and plants has resulted in a 156-year formula that is infused in each product. In line with Crème Simon’s philosophy that “skin is defined by where you live”, Crème Simon pioneered the revolutionary climate-customised skin care solution that empowers women to combat the conditions unique to their environment.


Crème Simon products are non-comedogenic, free from controversial ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, silicone, oil, colouring and phenoxyethanol.

Nature inspired. Climate perfected. Make a beautiful discovery.

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