Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm


FITSTOP  |  #B1-06

FITSTOP is the Home of Functional Fitness, inspiring everyday athletes to unleash their limitless potential. Through our performance-based, progressive training, we connect communities of global Fitstoppers and create a space that becomes their second home.


We boast the game-changing FITSTOP Formula - a fitness fusion, where we LIFT, PERFORM, CONDITION and SWEAT. Each session ensures you are hitting varying levels of strength, endurance and metabolic conditioning to promote your abilities as a well-rounded athlete. Most excitingly, our sessions will each be 50 minutes long with 36 minutes of working time, meaning you’ll show up, work as hard as possible and finish your session on an absolute high!

At FITSTOP, we move more to live more. Community. Performance. Progression. Your best self. What’s stopping you?



Operating Hours:
6.30am - 9pm
Tel: 9106 2748
Instagram: @fitstop_downtown