Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

OUE Social Kitchen

OUE Social Kitchen

OUE Social Kitchen

OUE Social Kitchen

OUE Social Kitchen

OUE Social Kitchen   |   #03-02/03

Celebrate the love of food at Singapore’s first-ever communal cooking space

OUE Social Kitchen is more than just a space. It’s everyone’s kitchen in the city, to co-cook, co-create and interact with people who enjoy the richness of experience and the stories behind it.

The first open kitchen concept set in a retail space in Singapore, OUE Social Kitchen promises to revolutionise the way people cook and dine. Inspired by the way food is a universal language that brings people together, OUE Social Kitchen – which spans 4,000 square foot – is designed for friends, families and strangers to meet and cook at a common table, where ingenious food encounters and new conversations begin.



What we offer:

• Standard stations: 6 x stations (up to 4 pax per station) at $48/hour

• Halal friendly stations: 2 x stations (up to 4 pax per station) at $48/hour

• Corkage: $30 net/bottle

• Dining area / communal table

• Full range of state-of-the-art kitchen equipment and appliances

• Kitchen essentials

• Condiments

• In-house chef (at additional cost) 

• Clean-up services



How to book:

• Call us at 6224 0355

• Email us at



Share and discover the joy of cooking and dining together

The dining area within OUE Social Kitchen is free-to-use for consumers to host meals for their friends and families, or interact with other users. OUE Social Kitchen is also an ideal location for hosting corporate and private events with a maximum capacity of 200 pax. Other amenities include a back-end kitchen and staff to support event catering and a bar area at the front reception, where customers can order beverages.


OUE Social Kitchen is located at #03-02/03, Downtown Gallery.


Operating Hours 
Monday - Friday: 
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday 
Tel: 6224 0355