Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Strength Clinic Academy   |   #03-06/07/08

At Strength Clinic Academy we provide Physiotherapy, Personal Training and Customised Nutrition Services. All are offered as we believe that this Integrated Approach helps you to advance more efficiently towards your best body, through the combination of all.

Strength Clinic Academy’s Integrated Approach is a proprietary method designed to support total body transformation. Simply put, we will help you build, maintain, and repair your body. The Integrated Approach ensures that you have a team of physiotherapy ,nutrition, and physical training experts supporting you every step of the way.

We believe this is the most efficient and effective way to keep moving forward in your fitness journey.


Pain will always be a part of your journey, that is why physiotherapy is a necessary part of the Integrated Approach. Our physiotherapists at Strength Clinic Academy do not only work on managing your pain but also investigate underlying factors that may be triggering it. We have expertise in a range of conditions, such as acute injury management, post-surgery rehabilitation, overuse, or chronic injury management, return to sport readiness, as well as injury prevention.

Personal Training

At Strength Clinic Academy, it is our passion to empower you to reach your goals. With the Integrated Approach, our highly experienced personal training team specialises in various disciplines: weight management, body transformation / conditioning, pre/post-natal, injury/pain management, teen athletic development, active older adult training, as well as sports performance.

Customised Nutrition

We believe in highly individualised nutrition. The Integrated Approach includes designing a nourishment programme that complements your specific goals. Our nutrition team at Strength Clinic Academy employs evidence-based planning and covers a wide range of areas including weight management, athletic performance, eating habits, muscle hypertrophy, and more.

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