Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

The Fashion Pulpit   |   #02-08

The Fashion Pulpit is Singapore’s first and largest clothes swapping platform. Founded in 2018 by Raye Padit, a former bespoke fashion designer, it started as a series of pop-up swap events powered by volunteers and like-minded swappers. With the time and energy of dedicated individuals of the swapping movement in Singapore, swapping gradually became accepted and continues to grow to this day.

Today, The Fashion Pulpit serves a community of 2,800 swappers and has collected 190,000kg (and counting!) worth of fashion items. Its daily operations stay rooted at the heart of treating fashion's waste problem by means of community building. It is guided by core principles of sustainability: to save what we can save by maximising the use of idle clothing, whilst discovering new ways of having fun with fashion and our clothes. By acting as a facilitator and provider of clothes swapping on a retail level, The Fashion Pulpit creates an ecosystem of clothes; as moving blocks that can be swapped out by swappers in the community.

The Fashion Pulpit hopes to empower wearers and swappers to reclaim their agency as decision-makers in the fashion system. This shift in position, mindset, and purpose act as building blocks for a more equitable fashion system.

Tel: 8399 5343

Instagram: @thefashionpulpit