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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

The Water Sommelier (Vending Machine)

The Water Sommelier (Vending Machine)   |   #01-41

The Water Sommelier is Singapore's 1st fine water distribution and education company. Its mission is to bring the World's Finest Waters to all Singaporeans. Currently it is the distributor for 3 iconic brands; Harrogate Spring Water, Vichy Catalan and Hildon Natural Mineral Water.



1. Harrogate Spring Water

Harrogate Spring Water is abstracted from an underground aquifer in the heart of the beautiful Harrogate Pinewoods, a protected catchment area famously known as the birthplace of ‘The English Spa’ - home of British bottled water. Naturally filtered deep beneath the ground for 1000 years, Harrogate Spring Water is naturally enriched with minerals to create a refreshing, perfectly-balanced drink. Virtually free of nitrates and nitrites, the water is of exceptional mineral balance and purity.

Every bottle is made from at least 50% locally sourced, post-consumer recycled content (rPET/rGlass) that are 100% recyclable. This unique composition, coupled with its award-winning design inspired by the stunning architecture of Britain's Oldest Spa Town, Harrogate, has ensured the bottles are ‘right-weighted’ - remaining light but strong. The result is one of the greenest bottled waters on the market.

Find out more about Britain's No. 1 Premium Spring Water and its industry-leading Environmental Stewardship at



2. Vichy Catalan

Since its discovery in 1881 by Dr. Modest Furest i Roca from its spring in Caldes de Malavella, Vichy Catalan has come a long way in becoming the most iconic and well-loved Sparkling Natural Mineral Water from Spain. Naturally sparkling water with a high mineral content, Vichy Catalan is world-renowned for its taste and health benefits.

Vichy Catalan is a water deeply-embedded in the world of gastronomy. Known for bringing both flavor and personality to countless recipes, it is now an essential part on the tables of restaurants wanting to bring out the best flavours in their savory foods, particularly those that celebrate Spanish cuisine.

Vichy Catalan is also a water synonymous with health benefits. Rich in electrolytes, it is ideal for post-workout hydration. Additionally, it also contains 27 of the 34 essential and trace minerals required by the human body. In particular, Vichy Catalan is rich in Sodium Bicarbonate, which is known to aid in digestion, as well as alleviate both heart burn and acid re-flux symptoms.



3. Hildon

Hildon is the holder of the highly prized seal of Royal approval - the Royal Warrant of Appointment to HM the Queen.

Royal warrants of Appointment are a mark of recognition to those who supply goods or services to the Households of HM The Queen, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh or HRH The Prince of Wales for at least 5 years. They are united by a commitment to the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility, service, quality and excellence.

Hildon is bottled directly at source on the Hildon Estate, a protected, 160-acre-large area nestled within the famous Test Valley in the heart of Hampshire. Having filtered through 7 layers of bedrock 140m-deep over a period of 50 years, Hildon is left entirely untreated for pure, clean flavour - just as nature intended. As a Certified Natural Mineral Water, the highest legal classification of water in the UK/EU, its authenticity, quality and provenance are guaranteed.

Today, Hildon is served only in some of the most prestigious establishments worldwide as the perfect accompaniment to the most demanding gastronomical tastings and events, including The British Royal Household, Harrods, The Royal Opera House, The Waterside Inn (the longest-running 3-Star Michelin restaurant in the UK since 1985), Fortnum & Mason and The Caviar House.