Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm


Your inside access to Look Well, Eat Well and Keep Well at Downtown Gallery

Shape Up Over Lunch: Pack in A Quick Fitness Fix Amidst a Busy Schedule

Maintaining an active lifestyle is what we all aim for, but sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way – making it more challenging to steal away for a heart-pumping sweat session.

Instagrammable Houseplants For Those With A Black Thumb

If your work or home environment feels cold and uninspired, bright healthy green plants can be an easy fix. In the past year, #indoorjungle has become a trending social movement, with more plant parents starting to cultivate small-scale trees, bushes and succulents indoors.

7 Best Spots to Get Your Caffeine Fix in the CBD

Whoever said too much caffeine was bad for you clearly never tried these delicious cups of freshly-brewed coffee. Beat sluggish mornings by adding a caffeine boost to kickstart the long day ahead. For those who can’t live without your cup of joe, here are the top 7 coffee hotspots near the workplace to hit up for your caffeine fix.


We had the opportunity last week to visit the home of Chris and Elsie Ong from Singapore. Lovers of the outdoors who live in the city, Chris is a photographer by trade and Elsie is a designer and illustrator who runs a boutique digital marketing agency.

5 Accessories Ideas to Instantly Add Personality to Any Outfit

Need a fashion add-on for your outfit? Topping off your attire with a statement accessory is one of the easiest ways to add your personal stamp to your look. Great style is about attention to detail - especially the tiniest and subtlest touches.

Shades of Romance: Beauty Looks to Try

When it comes to beauty, whichever school of thought you belong to – pared down beauty or modern glamour, it’s all about self-expression. For Spring, we’ve put together a list of beauty rules to help you find the best hair and makeup.

Healthy Dining All Week in the CBD

In need of a detox after all the festive feasting of Chinese New Year? We know the difference clean eating can make, even if you’re only making small changes. If you work in the CBD area, we’ve made it super easy for you to up your nutrition game without having to sacrifice taste.

Designer Drinks Worth Toasting To

There’s always a cause for celebration in life - from birthdays to anniversaries to public holidays, and even day-to-day achievements like finishing that one piece of work or getting through a long day of work.

The Best Treats to Help You Face the Year Ahead

The new year’s just begun and we’re all scrambling to catch up on life as 2018 hits at a full speed. But getting through January – and the rest of the year – doesn’t have to be filled with anxieties and nerves.

Kicking Off The New Year With Downtown Gallery’s Official Opening – Yellow Bash!

We’re starting the new year on a high note with one of our most fun-filled events of the year – Yellow Bash, Downtown Gallery’s official opening celebrations!

Fun Workouts to Unleash Your Inner Athlete

With the new year right around the corner, it’s time to make good on that resolution and turn around the inertia.

Belated Christmas Gift Ideas

Totally late for the Christmas gifting season? As you’re making your shopping list and plotting out presents for him, her, and whomever else, we all know gift shopping – especially last minute ones – can very easily spiral out of control. So where should you begin?

A Guide to Kid-Friendly Experiences in the CBD

If you think the CBD area is for grown-ups only, we’ve curated a list of kid-friendly experiences to keep the young ones engaged and entertained at Downtown Gallery.

OUE ReStore Reinvents Lunch Hour in the CBD

Jostling with the lunch crowd for seats or waiting for long queues to die down just so you can grab a meal, is now history. Here’s a solution to your lunch hour woes: OUE Re:Store.

3 Ways to Look Abs-olutely Fabulous

Whether you’re in the gym or out running errands, there’s no shortage of suitably stylish athleisure you can don.

Sharing Good Food in All Forms: The Providore Downtown Gallery

The Providore’s new flagship outlet in the heart of Shenton Way is a celebration of wholesome and quality food.

Going Green with The Green Capsule

Greenery has a way of bringing a space to life, whether at home or in the office.

5 Minutes with Junny Lee, Founder of The Work Project

The Work Project Downtown is Singapore’s hottest and newest co-working space in the heart of the Central Business District.

How To Eat Pho Like A Pro

Everyone knows how to eat pho, but not everyone knows how to eat it like a pro.

What’s Open At Downtown Gallery

A new destination in the CBD for people to commune, the much anticipated Downtown Gallery consumers who care about Looking Well, Keeping Well and Eating Well.

The Best New Coffee Shop to Recharge Your Mornings

With Omotesando Koffee opening in Downtown Gallery this July, coffee drinkers will soon have a new go-to café for their caffeine fix.