Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

5 Minutes with Junny Lee, Founder of The Work Project

The Work Project Downtown is Singapore’s hottest and newest co-working space in the heart of the Central Business District. Spanning over 20,000 square feet, the co-working space is spread across the entire fourth floor of Downtown Gallery, giving its members convenient access to amenities such as gyms, shops, restaurants and even accommodation at the swanky Oakwood OUE Premier Singapore.

The Work Project Downtown was centred on the concept of “Design Thinking”, with extra thought put into how the space will look, smell, and sound as it has been found that these are all key factors that drive productivity and work happiness.

We sat down with Junny Lee, founder of The Work Project to find out more.



What can members expect to see from The Work Project Downtown?

The Work Project Downtown will be the first co-working space in Singapore to offer its members 24/7 unlimited use of the space with just the basic membership package, as well as access to the largest inventory of small meeting rooms in Singapore.

Other than space offerings, services often known as “The Work Experience” are carefully curated to include workplace amenities that are essential for the modern-worker’s satisfaction, in particular those related to Food and Beverage, as well as Wellness.

Our members can also enjoy complimentary hospitality features including reception, housekeeping, maintenance and IT support provided by The Work Project, as well as refreshments served up by cult favourites such as The Providore and Omotesando Koffee.



How did you decide on your partners – The Providore and Omotesando Koffee?

With The Providore and Omotesando Koffee located within the premises, there will be synergy between all three (The Work Project, The Providore, and Omotesando Koffee). An exclusive menu will be offered by The Providore, and the pantry will be stocked by them as well. As for Omotesando Koffee, this will be their first outlet in Singapore and would be a unique experience for Singaporeans, as they love their coffee!



Co-working spaces are on the rise in Singapore, why and how did The Work Project decide on opening at Downtown Gallery?

Just as Downtown Gallery is designed for the Future Self, we have designed The Work Project Downtown for the Future Worker. As a tenant, it’s important for us to find landlords who share our passion and vision and can be a strong pillar of support in helping us achieve our goal of building Office 2.0.

Furthermore, Downtown Gallery is located in the heart of the Central Business District in Singapore. Thus, being located in Downtown Gallery means that we’ll be strategically located at the heart of where retail, residential and office intersect.

In addition, Downtown Gallery houses a host of wellness amenities like boutique gyms, a pre-school and a farmers’ market-themed gourmet grocer and deli amongst others. All of these amenities would thus be easily accessible for our users.



How will The Work Project Downtown allocate its co-sharing stations to ensure work stations are optimized?

We will have a one-of-a-kind technology to map, plan and allocate spaces systematically, allowing better maximization and utilization of the spaces available so that our members can enjoy privacy on-demand – something which is currently lacking in the co-working space industry.



What is the difference between The Work Project Downtown and all the other co-working spaces that currently exist?

Besides being the only company that provides unlimited 24/7 use of the spaces in the basic membership package, as well as having the largest inventory of small meeting rooms in Singapore. The Work Project Downtown was also designed using design thinking.

Here at The Work Project, we believe that design is not just about creating beautiful spaces but it is also important to design spaces that work well for the users as form and function are both equally important in our eyes.


Today’s workers spend most of their time in their workspaces. Thus, it should be beautiful, and a place where they can be the best version of themselves. Design thinking is aimed at finding out what makes people happy, and then incorporating it in the workspace, as productivity and happiness go hand in hand.

The Work Project Downtown is located at #04-01, Downtown Gallery. For more information, visit them at: