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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

5 Minutes with Peh Yi Han, COO of Mulberry Learning

“Children are an absolute delight to be around and are nothing short of exceptional beings. They deserve every bit of tender loving care especially at such an impressionable age.”



Mulberry Learning has just the right tools and space needed for children to nurture into well-round, imaginative individuals with positive attitudes and strength of character. We sat down with Peh Yi Han, Chief Operating Officer of Mulberry Learning to find out more!



1. What is the inspiration behind Mulberry Learning?

Our starting point is always children, and how we can help them grow or develop better. Beyond having basic literacy and social skills, we foresee that young children today will need additional competencies to excel in an uncertain and complex future world in 2030 or beyond. They will need to be competent in the ‘6C’s – continuous learning, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and commitment, and these can be nurtured from a young age. However, when we searched around, we did not see any suitable offerings in the market.

And so we decided to start Mulberry Learning 12 years ago, with the goal to groom the Future Ready Child – a child who is strong in the ‘6C’s, equipped with intelligent thinking habits and a natural love for learning.

2. What sets Mulberry Learning apart from other pre-schools?

When we started Mulberry Learning, we could not find an existing preschool pedagogy to achieve all the developmental outcomes we desired, so we had to create our own. Our R&D team adapted and extracted the best elements from popular pedagogies like Reggio Emilia (Italy), Habits of Mind (USA) and Multiple Intelligences (USA) to create our own unique model for holistic learning. We are happy that our curriculum has since won us accolades like “Best Holistic Learning Programme” and “Best Reggio Emilia Preschool”. In addition, we are also proud to be the only preschool in the world certified for the Habits of Mind™.



3. What are the benefits of being located in the heart of the CBD at Downtown Gallery?

Many working parents nowadays understand the importance of preschool education, and they prefer quality preschools conveniently located near their workplace. We felt that Downtown Gallery was an ideal location for us and the many parents who work in the CBD.

4. Tell us more about Habits of Mind and how that aids a child’s learning abilities.

The Habits of Mind™ is a framework of 16 intelligent thinking dispositions developed in the USA by Professor Arthur Costa, after he analysed common traits of peak performers, top leaders, entrepreneurs and athletes. The Habits of Mind is akin to an ‘Operating System for Intelligent People’, and this can guide children to think effectively and intelligently when faded with uncertainties or complex problems. In other words, through the Habits of Mind, children will be able to produce new knowledge and answers, rather than merely reproducing them.

In Singapore, the Habits of Mind has been adopted by many Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions, including the Gifted Education Programme (GEP). However, no other preschool has done so, as the framework was originally designed for older children. In that regard, we are glad that through the hard work of our Dean, Dr Henry Toi, we have successfully adapted the framework for pre-schoolers so even a 3 or 4 year old can learn and benefit from this framework.



5. Are they any programmes in particular you’d like to share more about?

For core programmes other than the Habits of Mind, our Literacy Fun™ and Chinese Master™ bilingual programmes have been well received. Parents also like our multidisciplinary S.T.E.A.M. enrichment programmes which provide a diverse range of learning experiences for children.

Part of being a Future Ready Child is being able to appreciate and communicate with people from other cultures. To this end, we recently embarked on a cross-border cultural exchange programme called the International Friendship Project, which allows our preschool children from Singapore to befriend fellow preschool children in our China and Australia schools.



6. Mulberry Learning has won several awards such as the Best of the Best Preschool Awards 2016 and Young Parents SG Parents Choice for two consecutive years in running, just to name a few. Any other achievements in the pipeline?

Our biggest satisfaction actually comes when we see happy children and proud parents. For this year, we have just received word that Mulberry Learning has again won the Young Parents “Best Holistic Programme” Award for the 3rd year running, and also the Singapore’s Child “Best Reggio Emilia Preschool” Award. We are thankful to all our teachers, staff and parents who have made this possible.

7. Lastly, are there new programmes or activities Mulberry Learning is planning on rolling out?

Yes, certainly. For example, next year in our International Friendship Project, we hope to also add our Panama school to the mix to form a 4-country collaboration. This is just one example, but there will be more – to be announced in the coming months!

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