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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

7 Best Spots to Get Your Caffeine Fix in the CBD

Whoever said too much caffeine was bad for you clearly never tried these delicious cups of freshly-brewed coffee. Beat sluggish mornings by adding a caffeine boost to kickstart the long day ahead. For those who can’t live without your cup of joe, here are the top 7 coffee hotspots near the workplace to hit up for your caffeine fix.


#1 A Morning Situation

Rise and shine coffeeholics! If you’re looking for a quick pick me up, these steaming cups of latte have you covered.


Patisserie G



Beyond espressos, a carefully crafted latte is a great choice for coffee in the A.M., with the perfect balance of milk and caffeine to get your energy flowing. Dive into a gorgeous matcha latte from Patisserie G, which is a balance between smooth creamy matcha, and lightly sweetened milk.

Patisserie G is located at #01-30/34



Omotesando Koffee



One of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets, Omotesando Koffee isn’t just intrinsically cool, it also makes good coffee that never fails to hit the spot. Located on level 4 of Downtown Gallery, you might miss the small, discreet café if not for the usual line hanging around for a cup of their coffee, which is so much in demand it often sells out by 3 pm. At just $6 for a large cup of latte, you know you’re off to a great start.

Omotesando Koffee is located at #04-03



6oz Espresso Bar



Made from 100% Arabica beans roasted to perfection on a weekly basis and in micro batches, the craft quality coffee by 6oz Espresso Bar is a must try for coffee connoisseurs. Whether you’re sitting in for a sip or taking your coffee to go, try the Salted Caramel Café Latte, the Roasted Almond Café Latte or the Hazelnut Café Latte.

6oz Espresso Bar is located at #01-18/27


#2 Beat the Summer Heat

With Singapore’s temperature, it’s always a good idea to switch out your hot beverages for something iced. Here are two iced coffee creations that do double duty to beat the summer heat and get your brain wired for the day.


Lunar Coffee Brewers



As summer edges closer with each humid, sun-streaked day, why not indulge in an ice-cold brew – the non-alcoholic kind – to beat the heat? Come for The Milky Way to perk you up for the day, and stay for the delicious food options, which include Everyday Shashuka, a Middle-eastern egg dish, Miso-Nori Salmon Soba, their signature Donburi bowls, and Earl Grey Soft Serve, which is served with crispy cornflakes for that added texture.


Lunar Coffee Brewers is located at #01-49/50



The Autobus



If you’ve a sweet tooth, here’s one for you. This Mocha from Autobus consists of good old coffee blended with a good amount of Valrhona chocolate. An added bonus? It serves up new coffee specials every month. You can expect to be surprised by new additions to the beverage menu now and then. We heard they had previously serve up Peanut Butter Latte!

The Autobus is located #01-01



#3 Kopi-o Please?

We’re all for keeping traditions alive. Get back to basics with the traditional Kopi – a perfect mix of bitter and sweet. Pair that with a slab of toast and margarine for a full breakfast. What are you waiting for? Head on down to coffee shops like Old Tea Hut and Ya Kun Family Cafe for a taste of tradition.

Old Tea Hut



For those who appreciate the sticking-to-your-roots goodness, try a good old-fashioned cup of coffee from Old Tea Hut or perhaps experiment by switching it up and put a spin on your regular black coffee – laced with Gula Melaka for that extra oomph.

Old Tea Hut is located #03-27



Ya Kun Family Café



Old is gold. Popular amongst locals for its wide spread of traditional breakfast items, Ya Kun Family Café is a shoo-in for this list. Few things beat the feeling of biting into their crispy kaya toast, paired with Ya Kun’s aromatic, freshly brewed coffee served in an old school cup.

Ya Kun Family Café is located #03-24