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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Freeze The Summer Heat With These Frosty Treats

Are you trying to beat the sweltering heat this summer? Hands up if the hot, hot, hot weather is getting to you. Turn down the heat with a cooling treat - we’ve handpicked 5 types of sweet relief, from an ice-cold brew to a cup of frozen yoghurt, to keep you cool amidst rising temps.





If you haven’t already heard of Smöoy, it’s time you changed that. The Spanish franchise apparently sells frozen yogurt that’s low fat, high in fiber and gluten free. And since we’re all for eating healthy without giving up on flavour, trust us when we say you should make Smöoy your first stop. Aside from fro-yo, they offer ice cream bases too, for you to customize and dress up with your choice of toppings. For thirst-quenchers, there are freezers and smoothies that can be covered with a Smöoy cloud – sure to hit the sweet spot and keep you cool.

Smöoy is located at #03-28


Lunar Coffee Brewers


It’s hard to get any colder than in outer space, so coffee fans will want to head straight for The Milky Way ($7) and The Cosmos ($7), bottled cold brews from Lunar Coffee Brewers. Made from coarse-ground coffee that is never heated up, cold brews steeped in room-temperature for an extended period of time for the grounds to be filtered out. The result? A stronger and lightly sweetened coffee with a creamy and smoother texture – nothing like your standard iced coffee!



Undeniably rich in flavour, the Milky Way Soft Serve ($5.90) will melt in your mouth, cooling off the unbearable heat. Served with a sprinkling of shortbread crumbs, the creamy and silky treat has an added a tinge of saltiness and crunchiness that’s incredibly delicious. Try a taste of this refreshing concoction from Lunar Coffee Brewers, and you’ll be sure to want more.

Lunar Coffee Brewers is located at #01-49/50


Milky Whey


A healthy alternative method to cooling down amidst this year-around humidity is having a flavoursome smoothie. Start your day right with the Comet 59 smoothie ($7.80) from Milky Whey. Not just striking on the outside, it is a striking blend of pink dragon fruit, strawberries, banana, honey, cinnamon, homemade sugar-free almond milk with optional organic vanilla whey protein. Pick it up if you'd want an ultimate super smoothie that can quench your thirst while giving you all the nutrients and energy you need in your diet.

Milky Whey is located at #03-31
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)


Patisserie G


Welcoming the newest member of the Patesserie G family, the Komorebi is sure to impress you. You could go for something a little more “standard”, but how can you resist this smooth milk chocolate mousse set on a coconut sponge cake and topped with a tangy passionfruit cremeux? Pretty much close to perfection with its taste, texture and sweetness, pair it with your tea or coffee for maximum pleasure.

Patisserie G is located #01-30/34