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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Get Set To Go Green: Embrace A Greener Lifestyle

Earth Day may be over but it shouldn’t mean going green stops there. While living green may seem like a daunting task, trust us when we say you can spark big changes even with small actions. Here are some simple ways you can consider: from adding a little greenery into your home to starting a greener beauty routine, embracing a greener lifestyle can be much easier than you think.


#1 Green Living with Indoor Gardening

For a start, going green can be as simple as building and caring for your very own living ecosystem. Add a few functional plants to not only decorate with a change, but also purify the air you breathe in.


The Green Capsule



Terrariums are small-scale mimics of the process between our atmosphere and plants which remind us that Earth Day really should be every day. If you are looking to unwind when you’re home at night or during the weekend, the waterfall terrarium from The Green Capsule is probably to your taste. You can also take living green a step further by customising your waterfall terrarium with recycled materials.



Decorate your living space with these aesthetically pleasing green walls – rows of green succulents held by hardened clay-like soil. Don’t be fooled by their hardness, the soil is highly porous, allowing the roots to breathe, absorb water and grow. Play around with the versality - hang it on the wall, place it on your coffee table or lay it against the backdrop and elevate the design of your interior to one that is green.


The Green Capsule is located at #03-14



Noah Garden Centre



Brighten up your interiors with a stylish Vertical Garden structure that houses Cholorophytum Spider, Money Plant, Anthurium Red and Boston Fern with Prai Q. Get back in touch with nature through these succulents that are not only effective air purifiers but beautiful enough to spruce up the atmosphere. If you fall under the category of busy urbanites lacking a green thumb or tight on time, you can now embrace a greener lifestyle at your convenience with this low maintenance option.



Let the new Uashmama handwoven paper bags hold your succulents in place, and we like the fact that they are made from virgin fibre sourced responsibly from cultivated plantations rather than primary forests. Handcrafted all the way from Tuscany, central Italy, these paper bags are designed to look and feel like leather for your contemporary use but more importantly, washable and reusable, making them highly eco-friendly. Head down to the Noah Garden Centre to grab one today.

The Noah Garden Centre is located at #01-32/33
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)


#2 Organic Beauty

Ever stopped to consider the contents of your favourite serum, moisturiser or cream? Across the globe, organic, all-natural beauty products that are as good for the earth as they are for your skin are becoming a passion point of interest, and fast taking over beauty shelves and counters.


Ode to Organics



We all know that cleansing is the most important step in any beauty routine. For green beauty converts out there, Ode to Organics by FRANKSKINCARE’s Magic Wipe Cleansing Oil boasts 100% certified organic ingredients to effectively remove stubborn makeup, and cleanse at the same time. Natural AHA from Kiwi extract also aids in rejuvenating your skin to keep you looking all refreshed and gorgeous even without makeup, guilt-free.



Beyond a beautifully-designed packaging that exudes an earthly, clean touch of luxury lies a 3ml serum, an organic bamboo washcloth and 6 sachets of Dirty Yellow – Work Like A Sponge Treatment powdered clay mask. With no preservatives, activate the mask only when you are ready to indulge in a facial mask treatment. For a double boost, add in a scoop of organic Manuka honey to achieve the full brightening and clarifying effect.

Ode to Organics is located at #01-46