Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Healthy Dining All Week in the CBD

In need of a detox after all the festive feasting of Chinese New Year? We know the difference clean eating can make, even if you’re only making small changes. If you work in the CBD area, we’ve made it super easy for you to up your nutrition game without having to sacrifice taste. Here, a list of eateries at Downtown Gallery where you can chow down guilt-free grub:



Everyone loves a good protein bowl for its simple, nutritious, and fresh ingredients. Plus, it never has to feel boring with all the customisation options available with each meal. Here’s a little poke from us to steer you in the right direction for a guilt-free feast.



The Autobus

Ride by The Autobus, a bespoke cycling café popularly recognised as more than just a cycling gear shop. Beyond equipping you with all your cycling needs, it also provides nutritious fuel for the CBD every-man.



The Autobus’ DIY protein bowls are fuss-free: simply choose one protein, one carb, three sides and a dressing and you’re ready to hit the road! While this option used to be a brunch time-only deal, they have recently made them available all day. For those with a larger appetite, go for a full-course meal by pairing your protein bowl with a cuppa spicy and aromatic chai latte, and top it up with a delish dessert. A small tip: add a scoop of ice-cream at only $2!

The Autobus is located at #01-01






There are days when we want to cut out the sinful stuff without fully giving in to a plate full of greens. Plan your “healthy” days by picking a healthier protein such as grilled chicken or salmon to pair with your veggies. At Wafuken, they focus on preparing food in a sous-vide method where their proteins, ranging from chicken breasts to dory and salmon to various steaks, keeping the meat tender, juicy while retaining the flavours.

Wafuken is located at #02-23






The Dosirak team worked closely with nutritionists to develop their bibimbap menu. Fresh, wholesome ingredients are used in your Korean rice bowls for “food with value”. Their speciality bibimbaps are each portioned to be under 500kcal with the perfect balance of protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. They even make their own Gochujang and Kimchi!

Dosirak is located at #01-44


Soothe The Soul

Pho Stop

If you’re craving for a healthier version of comfort food, Pho Stop is the place to head to. While the recipes here are taken off from Vietnamese chefs, Bryan, founder of Pho Stop, ensures the tastes are tweaked to suit Singaporeans’ taste buds. You won’t have to worry about your meals being overloaded with meat as in true Vietnamese style, every dish comes with a heap load of spices, herbs, parsleys and beansprouts on the side.



Pho Stop is located at #02-28




This popular lunchtime eatery offers single-serve ready meals including delicious and nutritious soups made daily, crepes and accessible French food. Its recent celebration of its decade-long success saw Saybons upgrade its menu to include more savouries of soups, risottos and galettes. Pop by for lunch to try their Beetroot Crêpe with Sous Vide Chicken which we guarantee you’ll gratifyingly chow down till its last crumb.



Saybons is located at #01-24


Liven with Leafy Greens

Shake Salad



Caesar, Mesclun, Rockets or Kale, whichever greens you prefer, they’re readily available for a quick pick-up at the Shake Salad kiosk. Avoid that crummy, bloated feeling post-lunch or dinner as you fill your tummy up with fresh leafy vegetables which are prepared and restocked every day. For the time-starved, it is as simple as choosing your own toppings and dressings to go with your favourite salad base, make your payment, mix, shake and enjoy your salad! Night owls will be pleased to know that the kiosk is open 24/7, so you can get your salad fix all day, every day.

Shake Salad is located near #01-41



The Providore



A place to discover, create and share good food, The Providore covers good food in all forms - wholesome, traditional, innovative, nurturing and nourishing. For days when you want to eat better without sacrificing on taste, pick up artisanal cheese, freshly baked bread, organic products, artisanal spirits, and more. The café also serves up a menu of the freshest seasonal ingredients which you can wash down with their excellent coffee brews.

The Providore is located at B1-07 to 17


Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth




If you’re looking for a tea-time snack to tide over the peckish pangs, consider picking up a bottle of freshe-ly squeezed fruit juice from Freshe. With the option of their original fruit juice recipes or the “MIX YOUR OWN JUICE” concept where you can design your own juice for your body’s needs, there’s a juice or smoothie for everyone.

Freshe is located at #03-30






Everyone loves an ice cold sweet treat for dessert. For something that achieves both that feeling of comfort from a scoop of chocolate toppings and the desire to keep our diet clean, head to Smooy. The Spanish-based frozen yogurt brand has arrived at Downtown Gallery, bringing its low fat, high fiber and gluten free dessert to the heart of the CBD. Simply pick the size, flavour and toppings of your choice and you have yourself a cup of DIY frozen yogurt. With an ever-changing flavour of the week, you’ll always have new options and combinations to try!

Smooy is located at #03-28



Milky Whey



If you’re looking for more superfood-y dessert, we know the whey. Milky Whey’s smoothies and acai bowls are made with super fruits used as base, with absolutely no processed sugar or flavouring or preservatives added. They aren’t only power packed with nutrients and protein to make you feel amazing, they look amazing and of course, are designed to supplement your fitness and health.

Milky Whey is located at #03-31
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)