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How To Eat Pho Like A Pro

Everyone knows how to eat pho, but not everyone knows how to eat it like a pro.

When you first get your bowl of pho, don’t rush to dig in. Take the time to inhale its beefy goodness. Then, add some lime and condiments of your choice (these are usually served separately) to make the flavour more robust.

A classic rookie mistake is to dump your hoisin or sriracha chilli into your broth. This is a big no-no! The broth is the star of the dish, and dousing it in sauce will only ruin it.

Don’t be disappointed though, you can still have your sauce and eat it too. Grab a dish for your sauce and pour some sriracha onto half of the dish. The other half of the dish is for your hoisin, the sweet bean sauce. Instead of pouring the mixture into your noodles, dip your meat into the sauce. That way, you can savour the taste of the meat together with the sauces.

Use your chopsticks and spoon to evenly mix all your ingredients in the bowl. Pair each mouthful of noodles with beef or vegetables. Don’t forget to sip the broth in between bites of your noodles and beef.

Repeat, until your bowl is empty and your stomach is full. Yum!

You can get your delicious bowl of soupy goodness now from Pho Stop at Downtown Gallery, located at #02-08.