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Instagrammable Houseplants for Those With A Black Thumb

If your work or home environment feels cold and uninspired, bright healthy green plants can be an easy fix. In the past year, #indoorjungle has become a trending social movement, with more plant parents starting to cultivate small-scale trees, bushes and succulents indoors. And it’s not just for aesthetics; houseplants help enhance the quality of air as well. If you lack a green thumb, these are the four types of houseplants and designs that will make your life as a plant parent easier.


The Green Capsule

#1 Terrarium



Add a pop of colour and life to your living space with these easy-to-grow terrarium globes from The Green Capsule. From Aloe Vera to Jade, take your pick from a wide range of succulent choices that can be housed comfortably in either crafty vases or mason jars. Together with your choice of live moss assortment and garden pebbles, these globes will definitely jazz up your mood and add depth to your modern interior design. Best of all, they require minimal attention.


#2 Miniature Houseplants



Less is more. Even if you’re short on space, you’ll be able to fit a simple miniature succulent such as cactus or the pleasing gray-green Echeveria Pulidonis in your home or on your work desk. It’ll not only add a little personality to your living or working space, but also stimulate interest and dynamic energy to get you through the day. Make sure you grab a couple when visiting The Green Capsule.


The Green Capsule is located at #03-14


The Noah Garden Centre

#3 Hydroponic Bonsai



If elegant drama is what you’re after, this stagey upright hydroponic Bonsai with lance-shaped leaves that grow edged with yellow or white shades will add a sculptural touch. Held in a clean ceramic holder, you can get this classic statement piece from Noah Garden Centre to bring a little bit of nature indoors and into the home or office.


#4 LeGrow Smart Garden



For the more ambitious, you may want to spruce up your space with LeGrow Smart Garden from Noah Garden Centre. Built from a customized modular arrangement of planter pots with a perfect set-up of accessories such as LED grow lamps, this indoor garden ecosystem is a clean and simple take on planter pots which are typically messy. With a LEGO®-like Assembly, the plant pots can be customised to create your own unique arrangements – stack them high, spread them out, add additional humidifiers or lamps, or expand to grow more varieties of plants and flowers.


The Noah Garden Centre is located at #01-32/33
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)