Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Mindful Eating Made Simple

Most of us struggle between maintaining our body weight and indulging in the occasional #foodporn. While dieting is a viable option, depriving ourselves of the food that we enjoy may cause unnecessary stress to our psychological health and wellbeing.

Instead, practicing mindful eating is more effective as it helps you to gain control and awareness of your eating habits. Grounded in a form of meditation called mindfulness, it transforms the way you think about food and it sets the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating.

Kickstart mindful eating by joining us on this food hunt at Downtown Gallery!


Get Your Juices Going at Freshé and Juice Clinic by VEDA Yoga


Inspired to carry on the traditions of fruit juicing using centrifugal juicers while striving to become an essential provider of vitamins and nutrition, Freshé has gone over and beyond to create their own healthy concoction of juice recipes. They've also introduced a ‘Mix Your Own Juice’ concept where one can design their own juice alchemy to satisfy their needs, as well as allowing customers to customise their own sandwiches – eating mindfully has never been easier!



At VEDA Yoga, you can also expect to find personalised juices at their EGA JUICE CLINIC, which is concocted around your Dosha, or body type! Vata body type displays the characteristics associated with the element of air, and such types should eat warm, heavy, sweet and moist foods. Pitta body type, are fire people with a lot of body heat and are recommended to consume cool, sweet and juicy foods. If you’re a Kapha which represents the earth element, switch to dry, light and spicy foods. Mindful eating doesn’t have to be hard – simply follow this useful Dosha guide!

FRESHÉ and VEDA YOGA are located at Downtown Gallery at #03-30 and #03-21/22


Lunar Coffee Brewers


Coffee lovers know that consistency for every cuppa is key. One of the best cafes to practise mindful eating is at Lunar Coffee Brewers, where skilled baristas are dedicated to replicating that measured and well-balanced cup, ensuring speed, consistency and attention to detail. Slow down your drinking pace and breathe with each sip to truly savourthe high-quality roast.

LUNAR COFFEE BREWERS is located at Downtown Gallery at #01-49/50


Pho Stop


Dishes, where several different flavours come together in harmony, deserve to be slowly savoured. The fresh herbs, aromatic spices and charming culture of Vietnamese Cuisine at Pho Stop will truly awaken your tastebuds, from Summer Fresh Rolls stuffed with Prawn, Chicken, fresh Thai lettuce, mint and rice vermicelli, to fresh rice noodles served in a delicious bowl of beef marrow bone broth.

PHO STOP is located at Downtown Gallery at #02-28




Eating mindfully is also about appreciating food in every form. At Dosirak, bibimbap, or Korean mixed rice, are the main focus but with a unique modern twist. Here you get to customise your bibimbap with a wide variety of traditional Korean staples as well as fun add-ons such as avocados, soy citrus tuna or salmon and more!

DOSIRAK is located at Downtown Gallery at #01-44