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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Partner Up And Sweat It Out With A Friend With These Workouts

Sweating it out at the gym or getting your shot of adrenaline at spin class can be in fact more therapeutic than you imagine it to be. At Downtown Gallery, we believe in keeping well together because nothing beats getting those juices flowing than with a partner in crime for an added motivational boost and higher endorphin output. There are many benefits to group workouts, so tell us what’s your favourite and we’ll tell you who to bring along on your next fitness adventure!

Spin Classes


Unleash your inner diva while spinning to the latest hits on the international pop charts. If music motivates you to burn off more calories, a cardio spin class at Absolute Cycle is a perfect match for you. Get your groove on with your BFF - someone who’d give you that motivational boost and make it fun at the same time. You might even find yourself breaking out dance moves with your bestie during water breaks!

Absolute Cycle is located at #02-01




Who better to catch you when (you’re about to) fall than your significant other? With only the bare essentials, bouldering lets you have a full body workout while burning more calories with twice the fun. For a fun date idea, visit Boulder Movement to climb and reach new heights with your other half – because hey, relationships require strength and perseverance – the same two essentials needed to scale the heights of Boulder Movement.

Boulder Movement is located at #B1-03


Hot Yoga


Let’s be honest, nobody enjoys taking work outside of the office, but how about spending some quality time working out with your colleagues after office hours? At Sweatbox Yoga, they offer exciting classes and programmes for the entire corporate office – why not sign up for a free consultation today?

Sweatbox Yoga is located at #05-01


HIIT Workout


HIIT Workouts will push you to become your optimum best, all while strengthening your core and gaining an all-round leaner physique. The short intervals of high-intensity exercise have been proven to be incredibly effective at burning calories and fat. For this we recommend to haul your siblings off the couch and buddy up when the going gets tough – Grab your Sweat Packages when you visit today!

Haus Athletics is located at #02-03