Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm
Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Shape Up Over Lunch: Pack in A Quick Fitness Fix Amidst a Busy Schedule

Maintaining an active lifestyle is what we all aim for, but sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way – making it more challenging to steal away for a heart-pumping sweat session. If you’re up for building a better you, we’ve got you busy bees sorted with these power-packed, express workouts which will not only keep you rejuvenated and productive for the rest of the day but will also make it that much easier to get to the gym.



Haus Athletics


Kick off your midday workout with a 45-minute high intensity and calorie-burning conditioning workout at Haus Athletics. Leanout is a perfect choice for those seeking to build long, lean muscles as it focuses on total body strength training and explosive bursts of cardio – putting your strength and core stability to the test. If faster speed and better agility are your fitspo goals however, challenge yourself with Meltdown. Known to be a vigorous routine, the workout emphasizes sports style conditioning that trains up both your physique and mental strength at once.

Haus Athletics is located at #02-03

Kilter Avenue



Looking to fit in a quick fat-blasting workout? Kilterbase, a 30 minute sweat out session will do the job. Focusing on increasing one's range of motions, the exercise will help to relieve tensions on your upper back, shoulders and neck after long hours at your desk. Locomotive work and similar calisthenics exercises are included and classes are suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Alternatively, switch up and challenge yourself with new acrobatic movements at a Kilterswitch class where u can build up strength and flexibility all in under 30 minutes.

Kilter Avenue is located at #05-01
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)


Boulder Movement


For an alternative cardio routine, hit the walls at Boulder Movement. Train your upper-body strength and stamina at Boulder Movement where you can - choose between an Interval Training for Bouldering or a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for Bouldering, depending on your fitness level. A beginner-friendly workout, the Interval Training for Bouldering alternates between a burst of activity and fixed periods of recovery to build on your endurance, muscle strength and speed, while the latter class is an advanced version for the more adventurous. 30 minutes and you’re done, with enough time for a quick shower and a sprint back to the office.

Boulder Movement is located at B1-02A/03


Wings to Wings


Work on your poise and strength with a low-impact calorie burning workout at Wings to Wings. Like yoga, the pilates classes offered provide total conditioning and strength-building. Let the professional team of friendly instructors take you through a series of mat work exercises - with proper breathing and techniques, and the occasional use of props such as light weights to improve your flexibility, balance, coordination and stamina. More importantly, relieve all the tension and stress you’ve accumulated from the week and start refreshed and energised for work.

Wings to Wings is located at #03-06/07


Upside Motion


In under 45 minutes, you can boost muscular endurance, increase fat-burning capacity or even build your core strength by joining a lunch-hour Mat Pilates class at Upside Motion. Classes here are designed to cater to different levels of fitness and flexibility, with options for both beginners and the more advanced. Group classes are also kept small and intimate to allow for more personalized feedback. Focusing on mindful movements and deep breathing, find yourself leaving a session feeling looser and lighter with improved alertness.

Upside Motion is located at #B1-01/02