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Skin Care Tips For Better Skin

Many of us fantasize about attaining healthy, glowing skin – but not everyone is blessed with superstar genes. While problematic skin can be treated, the amount of beauty tips available on the World Wide Web can sometimes make it hard for us to tell which are truly effective.

Hence, to give your skin a much needed boost, we have compiled a roundup of the best skin care tips and facial products from our beauty experts at Downtown Gallery.


SW1 Clinic


At SW1, they believe in helping people to fulfil their potential by breaking definitions and defying limitations. New to Downtown Gallery and oozing the lavish charm of an upmarket cocktail bar, well-shrouded under an enigmatic and eye-catching shopfront, SW1 Clinic is a cloak-and-dagger operation that promises to be the area’s best-kept beauty secret.



We had the opportunity to sit down with Dr Low Chai Ling, founder and medical director at SW1, who shared that “natural is not always best”, as well as her expertise and tips to unlocking one’s beauty for better skin.

1. Why is a good skincare routine so important?

Our skin is our largest organ. It is also the interface between our bodies and our external environment. Suffice to say, it is subjected to constant daily assaults from our cosmetics, environment and even the sun. This is not forgetting how our internal processes can also affect its overall health--- from stress, hormones and underlying diseases.

A good skincare is essential to remove any dirt and debris to ensure our skin starts on a clean slate each day. Cleansing is also essential to prevent the accumulation of makeup as our cosmetics become more long-wearing and sweat-resistant. Finally, a good skincare also fortifies the skin so it is in the optimal condition to withstand the daily onslaught as well as the passage of time.



2. Any myths you want to debunk when it comes to skincare?

The first myth is that they need to find the strongest cleanser they can find for their skin. Whether or not one’s skin is oily or dry, cleansers containing SLS that foam up can actually strip the skin of its vital lipids. SLS over time can also attribute to long term issues for the patient. I actually prefer my patients to use the gentlest cleanser they can find that is SLS free. The skin does not have to feel tight to be clean.

‘Natural’ is not always best. People are very fixated with the idea of natural products. But the truth is that ‘natural’ products does not mean it is safe for the skin. ‘Natural’ products can also cause irritation to the skin, for example poison ivy is as natural as it gets but it is a skin irritant. It is important to look at the ingredients of the product rather be fixated on whether it is ‘natural’ or not.



3. What is one common mistake when it comes to applying skincare products?

When applying skincare products, it is important to know which order to apply the products in order for the products to penetrate effectively and to make the greatest impact. After cleansing, you can apply your toner or water-based serums first. The oiliest products should come last as they may prevent water-based ingredients from penetrating effectively into the skin. Once you have applied your skincare, give it time to be absorbed into your skin before applying your sunscreen and makeup.

If you want your skin to be hydrated, try applying your facial moisturizers on damp skin.



4. Any skin care tips and hacks for better skin?

Vary the skincare ingredients that you use day and night as they can have different effects on your skin. Use vitamins at night so they don’t get deactivated in the sun. Vitamin C and antioxidants used on your skin after sun exposure can also rescue your skin from sun damage and fight free radical damage in your skin.

Don't neglect your eye and neck area. Your eye area is especially delicate and the skin there is prone to premature aging as it is devoid of oil glands to keep it moisturized. Always apply eye cream whenever possible. As for the neck, it is also an area where there are less oil glands so hydrating the skin using upward strokes can keep the skin there firm and supple.

SW1 CLINIC is located at #02-19/20, Downtown Gallery.


Sugar K Organic Peel Bar by Kew Organics


Having tried so many ineffective skin care products in the market, Lily Kew yearned hard and long for organic skincare that truly works. This motivation led her to the founding of Kew Organics and formulating her own line of professional organic skincare which is vegan, non-GMO, water-based using only plant-based powerful organic ingredients that do not need harsh chemicals to work.

Tucked away in a cosy corner at Downtown Gallery is Sugar K Organic Peel Bar by Kew Organics, a first in the beauty scene, created for time-strapped urbanites who wants to achieve a naturally flawless complexion through quick, effective and effortless methods. We sat down with Lily Kew to turn out every nook and cranny of the secrets behind a clear and healthy complexion.



1. Why is a good skincare routine so important?

Basic skincare only helps with regular skin maintenance but does not treat skin problems. Good skin care routine, on the other hand, is able to specifically target skin problems and rectify them. At Kew Organics, our skincare products are water-based, use only certified organic and natural ingredients, vegan and non-GMO packed in precious Miron glass to maintain the efficacy of the active ingredients. These help our users to easily have a good skincare routine, and, achieving a clear, healthy, naturally glowing complexion becomes a reality. We are talking about skin so good that no makeup is needed. We want our customers to break free from the bondage of covering up and, in the long run, their skin age to be younger than their biological age.



2. Any myths you want to debunk when it comes to skincare?

Moisturize is not the same as hydrate. Moisturize means adding oil while hydration means adding water. In our hot and humid weather like Singapore, our oil glands are very active and we already have a natural layer of oil "sebum". Most of us lack in hydration, not moisturisation. Hence, we have to be mindful to load up on our hydration throughout the day so as to maintain our skin’s pH level, which, when normalized, enables skin to be problem-free. This also explains why our Deluxe Hydra Nutrient Mist, Clear Skin Treatment Essence and Megaboost Hyaluronic Acid+ Concentrate Serum are selling like hotcakes.



3. What is one common mistake when it comes to applying skincare products?

We are taught with the marketing messages; cleanse, tone and moisturize. Many have neglected the importance of serums. We emphasize a lot on serums as they are smaller in molecules and able to reach into the deeper layers of the skin. We educate our customers to focus on serums, to use every day and night while moisturizers only two or three times a week. Our serums are water-based and filled with a lot of powerful active ingredients such as swiss apple stem cells; to lighten pigments with our Apple Stem Cell Vitaglow serum and organic pomegranate seed oil; to reduce lines and wrinkles with our Q10 Pomegranate Line-Reducing Concentrate serum.

I’ve also realised the need to apply skincare with the proper techniques. One of the biggest mistakes is by applying eye serum. Most people are still applying in a circular motion which pulls and tugs at the eye area causing loose elasticity and premature ageing. The better way of applying eye serums such as our Cacao Okra Age-Defying Eye Serum is to gently tap around the eye area like playing the piano.



4. Any skin care tips and hacks for better skin?

Having a fresh face kick starts with proper cleansing. We need to have a clean canvas so that we can layer on the other products and whatever that is applied can be fully absorbed. One step cleansing is not enough to clear out all the gunk and dirt trapped in the pores. Invest in good cleansers and double cleanse at night.

Step 1: Use a lotion cleanser- Mandarin Acai Cleansing Lotion Cleanser with organic fruit acids and botanical ingredients choke full of hydrating elements to thoroughly unclog, clean pores, exfoliate excessive dead skin cells and support healthy cellular renewal for a radiant complexion. In addition, it also prepares the skin to be able to absorb the skincare products at a deeper level.

Step 2: Use a gel cleanser- Japanese Coconut Hydra Knotweed Cleanser which is hydrating and gentle, yet effectively eliminating impurities and toxins without stripping our natural oil barrier; normalizing the skin’s pH.

Also, exfoliate as it not only helps to remove dead skin cells, it is also key for cell renewal. Ask any skin expert, no doubt choose a liquid exfoliator like our Sugarcane Royal Flush exfoliant with (AHA) sugar cane and other hydrating botanical ingredients to gently exfoliate and stimulate cell renewal. Unlike mechanical exfoliant, liquid exfoliant absorbs into the skin and targets the deeper layer of skin cells to lighten scars, unveil fresh and new skin layers to clear, healthy and makeup-free skin.

SUGAR K ORGANIC PEEL BAR is located at #01-28, Downtown Gallery


NuE Shape


Designed to be a one-stop shop for all your skin, body and hair removal needs. NuE Shape is everyone’s trusty beauty salon committed to providing beauty and wellness services to help you achieve beautiful and younger looking skin.

Founded on the belief that no two individuals have the same needs, we spoke to them to debunk common skincare myths and common mistakes that people make when using skincare products at home.

1. Why is a good skincare routine so important?

Safe to say, modern cosmopolitan men and women have jam-packed daily schedules – from boardroom pitches to external meets, gym sessions, social events, and more. Our skin is constantly bombarded by damage from the sun, lack of rest and impurities from the environment.

It is thus very important to create and maintain a schedule for skincare, to keep that youthful glow and radiant beauty. A small number of essential steps are all you need – and Nueshape is here to help you stay organized with the rest!



2. Any myths you want to debunk when it comes to skincare?

Many people think that if they have oily skin, they don’t need to moisturize – this is completely untrue! Most cleansers will strip the natural oils from our skin, so we must replace this protective layer.

Some oil cleansers may be able to leave pH values on skin intact, but no matter what skin type (oily, acne-prone, dry or dehydrated) – we must use a moisturizer to maintain balance and nourishment. We always advise moisturizing with a product that has lighter texture.

Another common misconception, especially amongst men, is that we don’t need to apply sunblock after moisturizing. After all, if we are indoors most of the day, we won’t be exposed to the sun, right?

Wrong! The sun’s most damaging UV rays get through glass and into the office – so even as we are working indoors, our skin is being damaged by the sun. Our advice here is – always apply sunblock!

3. What are some common mistakes when it comes to using skincare?

We’ve seen many people in the age range of 25 – 40 making mistakes with managing their skincare needs – especially those that want to balance anti-aging needs with adult breakouts.

Most home routines either focus heavily on anti-aging products as fine lines and wrinkles appear. Other routines focus heavily on removing blemishes from clogged pores and acne breakouts.

What our skin really needs is the best of both worlds to maintain a youthful, flawless glow. Visit us at Nueshape for a 10-minute personal skin consultation to see if our skin treatments can help you achieve this!



4. Any skin care tips and hacks for better skin?

The best tip we can give you is: ‘We are what we eat’.

We are the product of our diets, so it is highly essential to eat healthy and stay away from oily and fried foods. Choose a balanced diet of greens and fruits to maintain a fresh face and rejuvenated skin; this will be your best starting point.

Next, develop a balanced and disciplined home and professional skincare routine catered specifically for your skin type – and your skin will be rejuvenated naturally in no time!

NUE SHAPE is located at #03-18, Downtown Gallery