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This is a contributed article by Terrainware



We had the opportunity last week to visit the home of Chris and Elsie Ong from Singapore. Lovers of the outdoors who live in the city, Chris is a photographer by trade and Elsie is a designer and illustrator who runs a boutique digital marketing agency.



Together they are parents to Leah, and in months to come will welcome a new addition to the family. Chris developed his zeal for the outdoors through perks of the trade, having experienced various sights and lands on assignment and also part timing at an international NGO.


We got to spend some time with the Ong's and managed to capture how their interests and personalities blend into the style and vibe of their home.


Looking for ideas for your new home? This might serve as some inspiration!

Follow Chris on Instagram @c.o.w.h and Elsie @a_day_of_dayglow

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More pictures of their time at home can be found on Terrainware’s Facebook page! Some stuff you see at their home can also be found here:


Poler Camp Mug - Orange



Poler Thermarest Compressible Pillow



Plaii handmade weaved ornaments
Sold In-Store at Downtown Gallery



Terrainware x Sole Superior x FIN chair