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The Best Treats to Help You Face the Year Ahead

The new year’s just begun and we’re all scrambling to catch up on life as 2018 hits at a full speed. But getting through January – and the rest of the year – doesn’t have to be filled with anxieties and nerves. A little more self-love can go a long way to getting you feeling in tip-top condition for the challenges ahead. Luckily for you, we’ve got a couple of self-care tips cos’ #treatyoself.



Rejuvenate the body



Pill-popping may be a de-facto remedy to manage those aches and pain but it doesn’t have to be. Alternative treatments are fast gaining popularity, like PULSE TCM, a traditional Chinese medicine clinic, which has done 15,000 treatments for over 900 clients. Try their cupping/scraping treatment if you’re feeling sore or achey. This treatment is said to increase surface micro perfusion, resulting in pain resolution and a sense of well-being. Fatigued? Remove those knotted nerves and regain your internal Qi flow for a longer road ahead.

Pulse TCM is located at #02-21/22




Need a quick pick-me-up for your skin? Hit up NuE Shape beauty salon and treat your skin to some good lovin’ facial treatment. Their Oxygen Infusion Treatment will revitalize your skin, making you feel fresh as a breeze! This hardworking treatment will infuse your skin with extra oxygen so it can breathe freely again while smoothening out fine lines.

NuE Shape is located at #03-18




Combining Japanese spa techniques into their treatments, Indonesia-born Head & Hair Spa Lily offers cream bath head spas and dry massages to add lustre to your hair and soothe stressed muscles. Consider one of their relaxing body massages by trained masseurs, which will mentally transport you to a far-flung getaway.

Head & Hair Spa Lily is located at #03-16


Refresh the senses



If you’re looking for a different kind of aromatherapy, consider one of the bespoke fragrances from Freda’D. All fragrances are specially formulated to be able to withstand humidity and last for 7-12 hours in Asia’s tropical climate, which will no doubt come in handy in Singapore’s weather. If you’re looking for a more hands-on experience, try one of Freda’D’s perfume-making workshops, where you can create a unique scent for yourself or a loved one.

Freda’D is located at #01-35
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)




100% organic certified ingredients, 100% natural, 100% a good way to feel great. Ode to Organics is a homegrown brand that sources for top-quality organic ingredients from around the world to target unique skin conditions of women, men and babies. Its Juicier Luxury Face Oil, for example, should be a necessary addition to your skincare wardrobe – as it’s known to boost, renew skin and relieve inflammation with added collagen protectors.

Ode to Organics by FRANKSKINCARE is located at #01-46


Pamper your tresses



For the gents looking to get a fresh ‘do, look no further than Empire of Steel, a newly established barber concept shop. Leave it to the skilful barbers to deliver a stylish haircut that fits you perfectly, while enjoying a complimentary drink of your preferred alcoholic beverage from their collection of whiskies.

Empire of steel is located at #03-19




For the ladies, Cuttour Hair Studio is an alternative to satisfy your hair needs. The 8-year old studio has recently launched their Fiber Restore treatment, a “Magic Treatment” that rejuvenates damaged and over-processed hair. A combination of Fiber and Protein keeps your hair smooth and lustrous for up to 2 months after treatment. For men, if you’re accompanying your lovely lady to her appointment, why not get yourself a quick makeover as well, since Cuttour caters for both men and women.

Cuttour Hair Studio is located at #03-15


Boost the mood



Consider some good ol’ retail therapy if the above treatments aren’t your cup of tea. Local favourite Threadbare & Squirrel carries curated, beautifully-designed clothes, accessories and baubles for the fashion-adventurous. Support local talent, and flaunt their creativity on your wrists, legs or have their original pieces placed in your homes as conversation-starters.

Threadbare & Squirrel is located at #01-41
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)




For the aspiring globetrotter, Goodgoods curates international brands ranging from England’s Daines & Hathaway and Indonesia’s Voyej, to France’s Fogg Bags and local brand Kilter Goods. Boasting a fine selection of leather products that include shoes, bags, and wallets, leather aficionados will find both quality and variety here not just good, but delightfully great.

Goodgoods is located at #01-39/40
(Tenant is no longer at Downtown Gallery)