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Mall Opens Daily 10am - 9pm

Ultimate Guide to Spartan Training: Downtown Challenge

We are gearing up for Spartan Race: Downtown Challenge which is back for another grueling Singapore edition and we can’t wait to see who will emerge victorious. Sponsored by Downtown Gallery, this world-famous obstacle race will take place on September 14th along a closed section of Shenton Way with adrenaline-pumping twists and surprises at every turn. Best of all, you can turn this into a family event as they’ve got obstacles for the kids between the ages of 4 – 13! So if you’re thinking of participating, we know you’re gonna need a solid training plan to get through this and have rounded up these spots to help you work that bod, fuel up, and get the ultimate Spartan-worthy gear.

About Spartan Race
Spartan Race is a global phenomenon with over 240 races taking place in 25 countries this year alone. But this is no ordinary running race. The Spartan experience is all about obstacles, so you’ll have to push your body to its limits by running, climbing, pushing, pulling and crawling your way over walls, through mud, water and even barbed wire.

Spartan Race Tickets
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Training | Keep Well

Platinum Fitness
Downtown Gallery, #B1-04/05, p. +65 8445 5439.

Too busy to train during the day? Platinum Fitness offers the ultimate exercise experience around the clock. That’s right, this top-notch gym is open 24-hours so you can pop in before work, on your lunch break or even well after midnight to get a workout in. With state-of-the-art Matrix equipment, power lifting racks, a cardio area, and a dedicated functional area, you can focus on every aspect of your training programme.

Open 24 hours


Boulder Movement
Downtown Gallery #B1-03, p. +65 6817 8340.

You never know what to expect with the Spartan Race, but they have been known to throw climbing obstacles into the mix. Get a one-up on your competition at Boulder Movement where you can join fun classes to learn basic and advanced rock climbing moves. They also have hybrid classes like HIIT for climbing to give you a full-body workout that goes above and beyond your regular training.

Open Mon 5pm – 10pm, Tues – Fri 11am – 10pm, Sat 10am – 8pm, Sun & PH 10am – 5pm


Upside Motion
Downtown Gallery #01-02, p. +65 6221 0578.

This hybrid fitness studio combines movements from multiple disciplines in fun classes that work out a wide variety of muscle groups. Try the Evolve classes for aerial maneuvers to help you stretch, strengthen and tone. The Sculpt classes feature cardio, light weight training and modified ballet barre exercises for flexibility and definition. And for better alignment, core strength and breathing techniques, the Align classes focus on yoga and pilates moves.

Open Mon – Fri 7am – 9:30pm, Sat – Sun 8am – 5pm


Veda Yoga
Downtown Gallery #03-21/22, p. +65 9678 0622.

So much more than just a yoga studio, Veda Yoga offers comprehensive health programmes that focus on fitness, nutrition, and detoxification. You start by filling out a questionnaire to determine your dosha, then the staff will create an Ayurvedic programme designed to help re-establish your optimal natural health. Think yoga classes, breath work, healthy juices, and meditation to balance the body and mind.

Open Mon – Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 9am – 5pm


Absolute Cycle
Downtown Gallery #02-01, p. +65 6220 2688.

Jump on a bike and let the dimmed lights, pumping music and infectious energy of your instructor and other riders get you into the zone during an Absolute Cycle class at Absolute You. The dynamic spinning-style classes will get your heart pounding and your confidence soaring as you build endurance, stamina and strength, all of which will help prepare you mentally and physically for the rigours of the Spartan Race.

Open Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 9am – 4pm


Sweatbox Yoga
Downtown Gallery #05-01, p. +65 6468 0836

Yoga not only helps to hone your muscles but also your mind, and you’re going to need both in tip-top shape if you want to rise to the top of the Spartan Race. Sweatbox Yoga offers a great selection of classes in styles ranging from power vinyasa to easy-going yin yoga and HIIT yoga classes for total body conditioning. However, their specialty is hot yoga, which helps to detoxify the body and increase strength and flexibility.


STILL Boxing
Downtown Gallery #B1-06, p. +65 6800 5355

Let your inhibitions melt away as you pummel a punching bag to pulsating music at a STILL Boxing class. These innovative workout seshes take classic boxing moves and fuse them with elements from group spin classes like dim lights and funky beats to get you motivated and into the groove. Besides punching your heart out, you’ll also be doing cardio and strength training exercises to help whip your body into Spartan-worthy shape.


HAUS Atheletics
Downtown Gallery #B1-06, p. +65 6800 5355

Do two to three Haus Athletics HIIT workouts a week from now until the Spartan Race and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll see a huge increase in your fitness level. Each group workout runs for 45 minutes and includes fun beats and ultra effective exercises that focus on strength, cardio and core. Trust us when we say all that music, movement and community spirit will leave you feeling invigorated and inspired to take on the world.


Fuel Up | Eat Well

The Autobus
Downtown Gallery #01-01, p. +65 6909 3406.

Cyclists will love this cool cafe that was designed with community and lifestyle in mind. You can park your bicycle out front and head inside for healthy DIY lunch bowls with your choice of carbs, proteins, sides and dressing. Options include quinoa, brown rice, cilantro yoghurt baked chicken, garlic prawns, kale chips and crispy chickpeas. You can also grab bicycle equipment and gear from the retail section.

Open Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm, Sat – Sun 7am – 3pm


The Providore
Downtown Gallery #B1-07, p. +65 6431 7600.

We love that The Providore serves up wholesome eats all day long, so you can pop in any time to fuel up on delish dishes made with fresh produce and artisan products. Start the day with some organic muesli topped with fresh berries and organic yoghurt or the smashed avocado on homemade toast. From 11:30am onwards, you can grab colourful salads, hearty pastas and grilled meats. Be sure to hit up the live juice station for a liquid vitamin boost.

Open Mon – Fri 7:30am – 10:30pm, Sat, Sun & PH 9am – 6pm


Downtown Gallery #B1-07, p. +65 9459 6074.

Singapore’s only sous vide themed restaurant is dedicated to serving up healthy protein bowls that are packed with nutrients and flavour. Each bowl starts with your choice of meat, seafood or an Impossible patty perfectly cooked using the sous vide method for silky textures and tenderness. Then you can opt for sides like cold buckwheat soba noodles, ramen egg or daikon pickles. We highly suggest the signature chicken breast with Furikake brown rice.

Open Mon – Fri 11am – 8pm, Sat 11am – 3pm


Gear Up | Look Well

Superdry Sport
Downtown Gallery, #01-25/26, +65 6224 1185

Feel good and look good while you prepare for the Spartan Challenge with Superdry Sport gear. From technical gear to workout essentials, they have you covered with attire that is designed not only to enhance performance, but also to turn heads. The collection was created with non-conformists in mind, so the innovative pieces are perfect if you’re looking to push boundaries and stand out from the crowd.

Mon – Fri: 11am – 7pm, Sat: 11am – 3pm


Sports Elements
Downtown Gallery, #02-04, p. +65 6222 3212

Sports Elements is our go-to sports equipment shop conveniently located in the heart of the CBD that lets us avoid annoying online orders or time-consuming shopping trips to the sporting goods store on weekends. From jump ropes to water equipment, tennis gear and foam rollers – they have everything you’ll need for those days you simply don’t want to be at the gym or in a class. This place will stock you up for those empowering self-workouts, and at-home self-care.

Open daily 10:30am – 9:30pm


The Big Country
Downtown Gallery, #01-41

Support your cross training routine with quality gear from The Big Country. Here, you’ll find everything you need, from bike shorts and jerseys to kit you out for those long training rides aimed at building endurance, to water bottles and goggles. We also secretly love the P.A.C headgear (reminiscent of Survivor) that helps with both sweat and hair during especially challenging workouts.

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